Class EmoSelectionWizard

  extended by com.sri.emo.wizard.AbstractWizard
      extended by com.sri.emo.wizard.defaults.SequentialWizard
          extended by com.sri.emo.wizard.selection.EmoSelectionWizard
All Implemented Interfaces:
Wizard, Serializable
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class EmoSelectionWizard
extends SequentialWizard

Overrides Sequential Wizard to allow processing of the EMO Decision Matrix for processing finish.

The Selection Wizard has the following processess:

Selection Wizard State Diagram Selection Wizard State Diagram

Michael Rimov
See Also:
Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
EmoSelectionWizard(WizardMonitor wizMonitor, WizardPage[] steps)
          Constructor that the Wizard Factory uses to instantiate the sequential wizard.
Method Summary
protected  boolean onNextPage(WizardPage previousPage, WizardPage nextPage, Serializable previousPageData)
          This particular implementation performs some pre-processing for some special pages.
 Object processFinish(WizardPage src, Serializable data, Map additionalParams)
          This version returns a Node instance if one has been found.
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Methods inherited from class com.sri.emo.wizard.AbstractWizard
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Constructor Detail


public EmoSelectionWizard(WizardMonitor wizMonitor,
                          WizardPage[] steps)
Constructor that the Wizard Factory uses to instantiate the sequential wizard.

wizMonitor - WizardMonitor the Wizard Monitor to use for events.
steps - WizardPage[] the wizard pages to execute in sequence.
Method Detail


public Object processFinish(WizardPage src,
                            Serializable data,
                            Map additionalParams)
                     throws WizardException
This version returns a Node instance if one has been found.

Processes the final finish and returns some sort of data that can be whatever is desired.

Specified by:
processFinish in interface Wizard
processFinish in class SequentialWizard
src - WizardPage the source of the event.
data - Serializable the data given during wht wizard post.
additionalParams - anything that the underlying wizard needs. The values are set by the Application Controller.
An instance of a Node object that represents the node the Decision Matrix returned or null if there was no equivilant data found.
WizardException - upon error.


protected boolean onNextPage(WizardPage previousPage,
                             WizardPage nextPage,
                             Serializable previousPageData)
                      throws WizardException
This particular implementation performs some pre-processing for some special pages.

Template method that gets called after the next page has been determined in the sequence.

onNextPage in class SequentialWizard
nextPage - WizardPage the next page that is about to be displayed.
previousPageData - Serializable the previously entered data from the last page where the user clicked 'next'.
previousPage - The previousPage that was displayted
boolean true if you wish for the user to continue. False if the page data needs to be vetoed.
WizardException - upon error.

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