Class ChainedSelectionWizard

  extended by com.sri.emo.wizard.AbstractWizard
      extended by com.sri.emo.wizard.defaults.SequentialWizard
          extended by com.sri.emo.wizard.selection.EmoSelectionWizard
              extended by com.sri.emo.wizard.selection.ChainedSelectionWizard
All Implemented Interfaces:
Wizard, Serializable

public class ChainedSelectionWizard
extends EmoSelectionWizard

The chained selection wizard clones nodes like the selection wizard does. However, Instead of redirecting towards editing

Michael Rimov
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Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
ChainedSelectionWizard(WizardMonitor wizMonitor, WizardPage[] steps)
          Constructs a chained selection wizard.
Method Summary
 Object processFinish(WizardPage src, Serializable data, Map additionalParams)
          Overrides the normal EmoSelectionWizard processing by cloning the node myself and then either redirecting to an appropriate completion wizard and
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Constructor Detail


public ChainedSelectionWizard(WizardMonitor wizMonitor,
                              WizardPage[] steps)
Constructs a chained selection wizard.

wizMonitor - WizardMonitor
steps - WizardPage[]
Method Detail


public Object processFinish(WizardPage src,
                            Serializable data,
                            Map additionalParams)
                     throws WizardException
Overrides the normal EmoSelectionWizard processing by cloning the node myself and then either redirecting to an appropriate completion wizard and

Specified by:
processFinish in interface Wizard
processFinish in class EmoSelectionWizard
src - WizardPage the source of the event.
data - Serializable the data entered in the previous wizard page.
additionalParams - Map this wizard expects ExpressoRequest and ExpressoResponse to be loaded into the additional params.
Object Actaully ignored. Redirects are actually issued by this function or a return to the display page is issued if there were errors.
WizardException - for any sort of error.

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