Package com.sri.emo.controller

This package contains controller classes for the modelling program.


Class Summary
AddNodeAction Handle Node manipulation.
CompletionWizardAction Controller that runs the completion controller.
DecisionMatrix Class that allows for execution of the decision matrix.
EmoAction Common methods (header, footer) which are typically called via a strategy pattern.
EmoRegistration This is the implementation of Registration.
ImportExportModel Allows import and export of Entities and their related nodes.
ModelXMLReader Reads Models from XML, nodes and all if desired.
ModelXMLWriter Extraction of XML writing to a separate class.
NodeAction Handle Node manipulation.
NodeController Intermediate Controller Class that provides services common to editing nodes.
PartAction manipulate the parts of an entity--the metadata handler
PermissionController Handle manipulation of permissions.
PicklistAction handle Picklist manipulation
Privs Permission 'Structure' in the classic C++ sense.
SelectionWizardManager Provides CRUD capabilities for Wizard DBObjects.
TreeViewFactory A factory for building the data structure needed for a tree view.
TreeViewVisitor TreeView Visitor transforms the model tree into a unified hiearchial tree that TreeMenuTag can understand for rendering a javascript tree.
ViewNodeAsTree This is a state handler that renders the node into a javascript-based tree menu.

Package com.sri.emo.controller Description

This package contains controller classes for the modelling program.

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