Class TreeViewFactory

  extended by com.sri.emo.controller.TreeViewFactory

public class TreeViewFactory
extends Object

A factory for building the data structure needed for a tree view. It does so by first building a 'tree' model of the database node, and then using a visitor to transform it into something useful for the TreeView control.

Michael Rimov

Constructor Summary
TreeViewFactory(Node rootNode, ExpressoResponse response, int maxNestingLevels)
          Constructs a tree view factory.
Method Summary
 TreeNode buildTree()
          Builds a Tree for the Tree node.
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Constructor Detail


public TreeViewFactory(Node rootNode,
                       ExpressoResponse response,
                       int maxNestingLevels)
Constructs a tree view factory.

rootNode - Node
response - ControllerResponse
maxNestingLevels - int
Method Detail


public TreeNode buildTree()
Builds a Tree for the Tree node. It is the callers responsibility to save the Nodes to the request, session or wherever.

TreeNode the tree node.

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