Package com.sri.emo.wizard.completion.model

Underlying model for completion Wizard.


Class Summary
CompletionBean Bean for handling action form.
CompletionPartsBean Metadata for each completion part.
FieldCompletion Enumeration type for field completion.

Package com.sri.emo.wizard.completion.model Description

Underlying model for completion Wizard. Inside any given Wizard is some sort of underlying model. in this case, it consists of:

  1. The CompletionBean: the aggregate root of the completion Wizard model.
  2. The CompletionPartsBean: an underlying been that represents each step inside the completion Wizard.

The other class in this package, FieldCompletion, is an enumerated type to represent the possibilities for user to either select an entry to be either fixed or to be able to be defined by the wizard.

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