Package com.sri.emo.dbobj

Interface Summary
AbstractParts parts of an object
INodeHandler Special handling for nodes.
IPartHandler Interface for custom handling of parts, when display and storage of a part is out of the ordinary.
IViewable provide a transition for viewing, suitable for creating an HTTP link when all you have is a reference to this object.

Class Summary
AbstractAttributeHandler base class for custom handler
AbstractMatrixHandler base class for custom handler for a matrix
AbstractSettingHandler base class for custom handler for settings
Attribute encapsulate a name-value pair which is associated with a Node object
IndentComparator Compare nodes by indent attribute, and failing that, by title.
MatrixCell a row in a scoring or design matrix or covar matrix.
Node Encapsulate an element in a linked graph.
NodeRowIdOrderingComparator Provides comparison based on the user-specified order, provided in the constructor
NodeType Encapsulate the finite list of types allowed for a node.
Part A part of an "entity" (a Node object).
PartDescriptor Encapsulation of a part of a node.
PartsFactory Factory for determing the parts of each type of node.
PickList Provide picklists for any attribute.
Relation Encapsulate a linkage between two nodes.
RelationType The types of relations between nodes in the model.
Setting A setting for a variable.
StepAttributes This is a collection of attributes for a particular wizard step.
WizDecisionEntities This function represents the many objects that are available to the decision set.
WizDecisionEntities.DecisionComparator Comparator that sorts on id.
WizDecisionSet WizDecisionSet represents a set of responses that make up a "row" in the decision matrix.
WizDefinition Definition of an Emo Wizard.
WizStep WizStep is a definition of each step in the wizard.

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